" Mr. Marquess  is an unique concept of pure exclusivity, we create joy and uniqueness  through our events in the very selected exclusive. Our project aims to provide a cheerful, elegant and glamorous touch to your best moments, either the social or privates ones. The essence of our products and events is a mix of subtle ingredients: Exclusiveness, Fashionable, Sustainabilty, Healthier Alternatives, Deepest Music  and... Mr. Marquess "

- Sustainability -

- Sustainability -

Mr. Marquess is commited with the environment and consequently all of its products are manufactured using empty luxury bottles. After our events, we are able to increase the life cycle of a product which has an important impact on the environment.


-January 2015- (Spain, Madrid)  


ELLE Spain by Strawberry with Lemon : ``The blog Strawberry with Lemon published by the Spanish edition of ELLE recommends us in its post regarding best gifts for this Christmas´´. (Madrid, Spain, 2016)

-March 2016- ( Copenhagen, Denmark )


European Commission Grant. In 2016, Mr. Marquess was considered as a new potential sustainable and trendy concept for the market. Supported by the Grant Erasmus for Young Entrpreneurs in Europe and  participating in the EU exchange programme for young entrepreneurs. 

- Disclaimer -

Mr. Marquess is not affiliated to any firm whose brands adorn its special products. Mr. Marquess does not aim to utilize registered brands on commercial purposes. The fact that certain brands are adorning the product is explained solely regarding the reutilization of the bottles.

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